About us

OsloDocs is the trading arm and English language portal to Oslo Dokumentarkino. It is an integral part of Oslo Dokumentarkino and exists as a website to facilitate the sale of DVDs and international communication. Oslo Dokumentarkino arranges events in Norway using a wide range of documentary films, only some of which are for sale on OsloDocs. The extensive programme of screenings and debates arranged in Norway can be viewed on our main website in Norwegian-

Oslo Dokumentarkinos aims are as follows:

  • Make important relevant issues easily accessible to everybody, using documentary films as a way in.
  • Encourage the use of documentary films in schools and colleges in order to stretch the perspectives of young people's understanding of the world.
  • Fight against passivisation of society through one-dimensional reporting and dumming down of mainstream media.

Oslo Dokumentarkino (using OsloDocs) does this through:

  • Selling DVDs online to private individuals and institutions
  • Arranging debates around the themes
  • Developing educational web-based resources to supplement teaching packages.
  • Providing advice and assistence to others wishing to arrange events including documentary films.


Oslo Dokumentarkino acts as a distributor of documentary films that will help to stimulate and engage more people in current world issues. We specialise in films that may need an information campaign or speicalist marketing to niche audiences to generate the attention in them that they deserve. We consider films that uncover political and social stories that are so important everyone should be aware of them, and react accordigly- either through greater involvement in political discussions generally or through real action in their daily lives.

We do not usually pay an upfront fee for the right to act as distributor, but work closely with the filmmaker and producers to ensure maximum interest in the films we represent, with favourable terms and conditions. We usually market to niche audiences and encourage non-theatrical screenings, DVD sales to private customers and institutions, and increasingly we aim to exploit the advantages of digital and online distribution. OsloDocs is the DVD sales-point and English language site to contribute to effective distribution.