14th May 2009. Norway's Future - At What Cost. Statoil's disastrous investment in the oil sands of Canada.

11th March 2009 Sexual warfare in DRCongo- Can the International Community DO anything? Screening and discussion.

4th February 2009 Sri Lanka: Norway's beacon of its role in global peace negotiations. What went wrong? Screening and discussion.

22nd January 2009 Who Creates Peace? Screening of 'Pray the Devil Back to Hell'. Discussion.

3rd to 7th December 2008 Human Rights, Human Wrongs Film Festival

9th to 19th October Four of the best films at Film Fra Sør

12th-17th June Documentary programme at Grimstad Film Festival

22nd April Small Arms : Big Relevance. Two screenings and discussion.

14th March Release of My Daughter the Terrorist on DVD, for sale NOW on OsloDocs

25th March Nine of the best documentaries about Iraq- 5 years since the invasion. From 11am till midnight.

27th February "Favela Rising" screening at Film for Breakfast.

12th February "All White in Barking" and "The Tailor" screening

29th January 'Twin Trek' screening and discussion: Multicultural Norway

22nd January ¿Puedo Hablar? (May I Speak) Screening and discussion: Status Venezuela 2008.

1oth January Film for Breakfast: screening of Sisters-in-Law, part of NORAD's film club

16th December Forbidden Film week, including Pål Hollender's Pelle Polis and Buy Bye Beauty

6th December Asylum seekers and human rights: the lessons of MUF. Oslo Dokumentarkino. Screening and debate.

4th December The Man Who Would Not Give Up. Oslo Dokumentarkino. Screening and NRK debate.

23rd Nov-1st Dec We go to IDFA in Amsterdam to find new films.

19th November Problem Children: screening and debate at Oslo Dokumentarkino

15th Novermber
Afghanistan women post 2001: films and debate at Oslo Dokumentarkino

9th November Release of What the Bleep in Norwegian



Real films to really talk about

OsloDocs is the site to bring burning global issues to your sitting room, classroom or office. You can buy DVDs of documentary films we believe are amongst the best at stimulating debate about the world today. OsloDocs is the trading arm and English language portal to Oslo Dokumentarkino a non-profit organisation screening political and social documentaries often followed by debate.

For sale online here:

Min Datter Cover AlAlrian Cover Peak OIl DVD cover

Winner of Best Norwegian TV Documentary 2009:
My Daughter the Terrorist (Min Datter Terroristen)
The unique film from inside the Sri Lanka war zone- about two young women prepared to sacrifice everything for their cause.

USA vs. Al- Arian: This film is a story of a family caught in the paranoid atmosphere of post 9/11 America where it takes very little to be labelled a terrorist. The struggle of one man to prove his innocence is the story of a nation that seems insecure of how to react in a measured and just manner.

Peak Oil - Imposed by Nature: Shortly, the world will no longer be able to produce enough oil to satisfy demand. The consequences will be dramatic for everyone. See the film NRK television would not show, and learn about the energy emergency that is already upon us.

Also FOR SALE NOW online here:

Shadow Cover WTBcover  

Shadow Company: A film about how war has become privatised - the soldiers on the frontline in Iraq are as likely to be hired from security firms as they are to be conscripted soldiers from a nation sate. Who is profiting from this and how does it change the nature of war itself?

Hva Vet Vi Egentlig? The Norwegian version of the cult film: What the BLEEP Do We Know?! This is an entertaining and informative look at the fundamental questions of existence: Why are we here? What is reality?


We also arrange live screenings and debates in Oslo:

Oslo Dokumentarkino arranges live events that are unique in their role of providing a meeting place for debate about important issues, and fighting against the passivisation effects of mass media. A continusouly updated programme is available at dokumentarkino.no where you can also join a mailing list to receive an email announcing each event a few days before it takes place.

We are in the process of signing rights to distribute a range of documentaries, so our catalogue will grow over the coming months.